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October 4th, 2007

We are glad to tell you that we’ve finally started with Skemma’s Beta Program. Due to the big amount of subscribers we’ve had, and to keep things running smoothly, invitations were sent only to a first group of user. We’ll keep on sending the others.

For the ones who want to try it out and haven’t registered yet, you can do it now by signing up with your email in our homepage.

The Beta Program is launched with a basic set of features; then according to our users’ needs and requirements we’ll keep on adding new ones. This is why your feedback will be greatly appreciated.

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August 16th, 2007

We have just added a new screenshot based tour. Take a look!
Comments are most welcomed!

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May 10th, 2007

Every organization with some minimum structure, has a set of processes that they use on a daily basis. Unfortunately, most of these processes are not documented anywhere, and only exist in informal e-mails, spreadsheets, and memos.

What would happen if a business managed to formalize these processes so that they could be analyzed and improved?

There would be a number of benefits:

* It would get a better overall picture of the organization of the business.
* It would uncover ways to rationalize and improve this organization.
* It would make the know how of the business more independent of its employees. Employees that leave or are transferred could have their tasks documented so that others could benefit from their experience.
* It would make a certification process significantly easier.
* It would reduce costs.

So why don’t businesses already do this?

There are a few reasons, but the most important one is the cost.:

* Software licenses (several thousand dollars at least)
* Training employees to use the tool
* IT infrastructure (servers, network maintenance, backups, etc …)
* IT personnel
* Process modeling consultants (in-house or outsourced)

What if all this were different though?

* If a software license cost approximately $100 a month
* If a system were so intuitive and easy to use that employees could train themselves
* If there were no new IT infrastructure needed
* If there were no IT personnel needed

and …

* If there were an existing database of business processes, categorized by industry (pharmaceuticals, textiles, agriculture, etc …) and department (finance, operations, human resources, etc …) that allowed an organization to find, modify and use existing templates.

I think the culture of many businesses doesn’t encourage people to use these types of tools, but their high cost is a big part of what prevents this culture from developing. I think that if the cost obstacle were removed, these software tools would be quickly incorporated into the business culture, just as we saw happen with CRM systems, accounting software, the internet and other tools.

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April 30th, 2007

We are working as fast as we can to release our first On demand BPM software beta version. Designing the look and feel is one of the last steps. Check out this preliminary preview of the “MyTasks” screen. We will post new screenshots here very soon.

Comments are welcomed!

click to enlarge

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February 26th, 2007

Today we started testing of our first alpha version with a group of partner companies. Different types of organizations with diverse Business Process Management Software needs were selected. This is the final tune up before we enter the beta test period that will be open to everyone. If you want to participate, please leave us your email (in the orange box). It will start very soon!

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February 1st, 2007

Although Skemma is still being developed, today we launched our website and blog. Their main purpose is to gather emails of people who want to participate in the beta test period that will begin soon, keep everyone updated on how things are going, and post our thoughts about the industry. Comments and suggestions are welcomed!

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